Sunday, June 14, 2009

Source (SRCDS) Fast Download with GoDaddy

There are alot of HLDS users stating you cannot run HLDS Fast Download over a Godaddy account (free or paid). This is not true. We have had ours working for years.

First, make sure you replicate the server directory structure on the download account, and configure the software to point to that download spot.

Second, make sure your account directory permissions are set to 755 so the downloading client can obtain the files.

Third, make sure you have a .htaccess file located in the directory you are downloading from, make sure that file contains similar to the following...

Options +Indexes
AddType application/octet-stream .bin .bsp .res .bz2 .vmt .vtf

Tagged Email Phishing Scam

I recieved several emails from a friend stating they sent me
pictures or other stuff via Tagged Email, and it asks me
to join.

DO NOT JOIN TAGGED EMAIL under any circumstances. It is a
phishing scam that will rob your identity and flood your
PC with Crapware... it uses your address book to propagate
email floods and spam. Delete these emails immediately and
clean out your trash.

Is file sharing safe ?

The practice of sharing files via Bearshare, BitTorrent, Kazaa, and other programs opens you up to several issues...

1. Malicious programs and viruses from the internet can funnel into your computer, being costly to remove.
2. Your personal files can be opened up for the world to see, fueling possible identity theft.
3. Copyright-protected files (videos, music, programs) may be opened up for the world to download, spreading piracy and possibly exposing you to litigation by the copyright holder or their authorities.

We at NJ ComputerGuys do not suggest you engage in sharing files.

What is Spyware ?

Spyware and Malware and Crapware are programs (often disguised as free offers, toolbars, and smilee/icon packs) that infect your computer to promote unwanted advertising, prevent your PC from functioning correctly (if at all), mine your PC for private data or other such specious activity. We suggest purchasing a well-known anti-virus suite. Many free spyware removal tools and cleaners out on the internet
are actually spyware installers in disguise, so be careful with what you install! If it's free and it tries to scare you into buying it... it's usually not good. We recommend you use a combination of the following (some of which are available free)...

Lavasoft Ad Aware spyware cleaner (free version):

Microsoft Security Essentials malware and virus protection
for Windows Vista and Windows 7 only (free):

Norton Antivirus, 360, Norton Internet Security (trial versions):

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware spyware and rootkit cleaner (free):

AVG anti-virus (free):

Windows Server 2000 Domain Detection Issue

At some point of installation of Server 2000 (or Advanced), the setup asks you if you wish to join the server to an existing domain, run as a PDC itself, or run as standalone server.

For some weird reason, the setup acts as if it tries to join you to a domain anyway. It then puts you into a loop you cannot get out of.

I worked around this by reinstalling the O/S with the NETWORK CABLE REMOVED, when the setup has passed domain setup phase, you can then REATTACH THE NETWORK CABLE.

Linksys WVC54GCA camera

I purchased four of these WVC54GCA cameras new. After configuring them as per the manual, I found they would die (seize up) from one to three days later. I had the latest firmware R24.

Setting the units to STATIC IP (not DHCP) solved the issue and the cameras now work much longer (one to two months) before requiring power cycle.

The camera itself is a good buy for about 100 bucks. The image is clear even in low light. It works well with my linksys wireless routers, it uses b/g wireless. 640x480pixel view.