Friday, October 21, 2011


Login with default login cusadmin:highspeed (SMC type)
put it in "modem/bridge" mode by:

check off Disable Firewall for True Static IP
check off Disable Gateway Smart Packet Detection

Uncheck Enable LAN DHCP (this turns off DHCP but you can still get to IP privately...)
Now you can plug in a Linksys to one of the 4 ports and set it and do NAT

Monday, October 3, 2011

GETTY IMAGES Cease and Desist

Yesterday I was contacted by Getty Images concerning a single thumbnail sized computer-related photo I had used on my website... the letter stated the photo was their property and that I must...

1. Cease using the photo, which I immediately did.
2. Pay a fee of $800.00 to then settle the dispute.

Apparently this is a similar tactic to the one used by Monster Cable, RIAA,
and other entities to scare people into ponying up cash. I am placing this
on my blog so others may become more aware of this kind of unethical behavior being used in the name of copyright enforcement.

To give you some details..

1. There was no indication nor marker on the image that gave it claim of
ownership nor copyright. No image rights nor record were found on it at all.

2. Getty Images has provided no information as to it's claim of copyright.
I was given no Library of Congress case # for the image or image set.

3. The image is very "generic" and could be confused for another image of
similar use or layout.

I strongly suggest others look over their websites to use images that are
freely licensed, and that you check with an attorney before forking
over money to Getty Images.