Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good & Free Backup Software

Runtime's Shadow Copy Software is very simple and will
backup open files as well. Use it in batch mode (just
modify its shortcut with the appropriate switches) to
do custom backups. It can be automated using Windows
Task Scheduler.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Prolific USB to Serial port issues

Prolific-based USB to serial dongles do not like being removed and reattached, always insert/remove them after the PC is powered off.

Also, to maintain the SAME COM PORT consistently, always plug the
unit into the SAME USB port.

Updated drivers for Prolific are available here... use these as
they are updated with more fixes than the packaged disc...

IPSEC issue with Lenovo T60 and Verizon UMW190 USB EVDO aircard

When using a Verizon wireless UMW 190 EVDO aircard on a Lenovo T60 laptop running Windows XP Pro, I discovered that if I turned off the on-board WIFI chipset using the front selector switch... I found that IPsec tunneling would no longer function (no DNS resolution through IPsec even though the tunnel connected properly). Without IPsec running, IP and internet access worked fine. When I switched the on-board WI-FI chipset back on... the IPsec DNS resolution worked correctly after that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Set RDP Client to Listen on a Specific Port

On the client, add the port # to the IP address of the server
you are attaching to...


On the server, change...

to the port you desire.

Repairing the MS Windows Installer

Follow this procedure from MS...

RDP console shadow for Terminal Services

Create a batch file with the following syntax... you will connect
to the console directly rather than through another session on
top of the one running.

mstsc -v:%SERVERNAME% /F -console