Friday, June 24, 2011

Recoving Deleted email in Thunderbird

Thunderbird only deletes email when it "compacts" it's folders.
To restore deleted (pre-compacted) email in Thunderbird, locate the email store under...

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles.

And open the .MSF file (there will be no association)...

Open it with notepad and do a global replace for
“X-Mozilla-Status: 0009″ replacing it with “X-Mozilla-Status: 0″
and save the file.

Move can be found here...

Migrate Thunderbird Email to Outlook & Outlook Express

The program mbox-eml-extractor converts mailbox format for Thunderbird, Eudora, and Entourage into EML type usable by Outlook and Outlook Express.

To export the address book... export it as LDIF format, then use Outlook
Express to import the LDIF file.