Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enable AHCI support in Windows Vista/7/8

If you have installed Win7 on an existing PC, and suddenly find yourself needing or wishing to
take advantage if the enhanced performance from ACHI (over legacy IDE)... 

In regedit, go to HKLM:SYSTEM:CurrentControlSet:services\msahci

Click on Start, choose MODIFY, and set the value to zero.

Shutdown regedit, shutdown Windows, power cycle PC and go to your system BIOS setup
and enable your controllers AHCI support and save the config.

Boot into Windows, it will load an AHCI driver.  Reboot again and the machine will be
running in AHCI mode.

AOL webmail crashes with IE 11

For those of you still paying AOL to get email (why I don't know) and if you are having
issues where IE crashes as soon as you login to AOL Mail... where it says "IE has stopped responding"...  remove IE11 and go back to IE 8... it seems to be the only IE that works
with AOL Mail.

I had tried resetting IE back to factory, clearing caches and all that, updating Java, modifying compatibility settings, disabled helpers and plugins... all on a fresh install of Win7 Pro... nothing worked. I noticed on another machine that IE8 would bring up AOL successfully.

So, I removed the update that installed IE11, ran IE8.. and it worked... AOL Mail now
comes up without crashing.